2024 Award Winners

Grand Prize Winner of Short Film Competition

Beauty World

Fiona Buffington of Kutztown University

Below is a complete list of award recipients.

2024 Allentown Film Festival Award Winners

Best Music Video

Chris Cummings and the Way - Dreams

Chris Cummings

Best Narrative Feature

Out of State - A Gothic Romance

Victoria Bugbee

Best Narrative Short

Enter the Room

Harry Waldman

Best Documentary Feature

Organic Rising

Anthony Suau

Best Documentary Short

Nothing Left Undone: The Art of G

Matthew Ober

Best Comedy Feature


Tom Lopilato

Best Spanish Short 


Jose Diaz

Best Nature Documentary

The Rock Pool Waltz

Marlon Denning

Best Actor

The Softening

Simon Stockdale

Best Actress

Sex Tape

Elizabeth Curtis

Best Director:  Feature Film

The Karamazovs

Anna Brenner

Best Short Film Directors

Local Runner

Tom & Alexander Wardach

Most Innovative Film

Digital Automatic Writing!

Jeffrey Delano Davis

Youth Culture Award


Esteban Augusto Cepeda

Jusus Antonio Cepeda

Malaleel Lamech Yustapounty

Founders Award

Pavarotti & Me

Linda LaDue

Best Social Justice Film

Ending Gun Violence with Promise Neighborhoods

Brian Rashid

Key Cast Icon Award


Yusuf Dahl

Best Thriller


Andrew Stirling MacDonald

Best Surreal Short

This Way to the Egress

Rich Drees

Best Quirky Relationship Short

Marriage Counseling for Friends

Nicholas Luciano

Best Family Drama


Colin Llewellyn

Best Family Drama Director

ABCs Always Be Smiling

Brandon C. Lay

Best Inspirational Short

Carving a New Future

Vernard James

Best New Beginnings Film

Change of Scenery

Lisa Thomas

Best Empowerment Film

Millie's Care Free Day

Michael Licisyn

Best Dark Comedy


Graham Burrell

Best Horror Film

stalking the stalker

Hunter Thomas Candelaria

Most Innovative Technology

Aug X Labs

Augie Smart Video Editor

2024 Lehigh Valley 1 to 5 Minute Short Film Competition

Grand Prize Winner of Short Film Competition

Beauty World

Fiona Buffington of Kutztown University

Best Surreal Horror Film

The Pineapple Plague

Justin Porcino

Best Youth Sports film

City Serpent

Eric Cochrane

Best Documentary Short Director


Jacob Welsko

Best Visual Effects


Graeson McNamara

Best Western

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Andrew Darlak

Best Safety Message

A Fast Stop

Hunter Arnold

Best Experimental Film


Jon-David Carollo

Best Animal Dramedy

Conquest of the Magic Squirrel

Matthew Blum

Best Family Drama

Inherently Special

Peter Fenton

Gest Drama

Beyond the Dark Glass

E. A. Hilaire

Best Animated Film

The Bus Trip

Spencer Snygg

Best Family Relationship Film

Eva and Fern

Daniel Paashaus

Best Local Documentary

Getter's Island

Jeremy Brandt

Best Revenge Film


Ryan & Lauren Tocci

Best Slapstick Comedy

Nibbles Meets Wacky Mole

Evan Stitt

Best Love Story

Parallel: A Parking Love Story

Ethan Silver

Best Relationship Film

Between the Shelves

Lorelei Kilka

Best Biopic

Fly Fishing

Luke Song

Best Human Connection Film

Reggie: Protector of the Universe

Reggie Grisby

Molly Pacheco

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